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Keihin FCR Revolutionary Throttle System
Flat type throttle valve with vacuum release plate and rollers Four rollers are installed on each throttle valve and two on each linkage to ensure smooth throttle movement. Unique "Floating Valve" designed throttle valve. Without this revolutionary floating valve design, a rollered throttle slide cannot maintain a positive seal with the carburetor body, which must be maintained to provide accurate fuel metering.

Top view of new throttle valve




Keihin FCR Air Cleaner Adaptors

Keihin recommends the use of air cleaners along with these adaptors for the FCR carburetors.

Model Parts Number Size
K&N KALA-00019 35-41MM
KALA-00020 32-33MM
STOCK GSXR750 '96 MODEL KALA-00038 39-41MM
STOCK ZX6R, ZX9R, ZX11D KALA-00039 35-41MM