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Mikuni Off Road Carburetors
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VM Round Slide Single Carburetors

Standard Specifications | Dimensions
VM18 Parts List | VM18 Exploded View
VM20-VM44 Parts List | VM20-VM44 Exploded View

These are the most popular high performance singles carburetors in the sport of motorcycling.
Mikuni's VM Series round slide single carburetors have proven themselves as the performance standard for use in any single cylinder motorcycle and ATV applications for motocross, enduro and trail riding, to flat track racing and road racing on both 2-stroke and 4-stroke engines.


TM Series Carburetors

TM Series Carbs | Dimensions | Power Jet Kits
Flat Slide Parts List | Flat Slide Exploded View
TM33-8012 Parts List | TM33-8012 Exploded View
New TM33mm / 36mm

Mikuni's (flat slide) carburetor, the TM Series Carburetors provide significant performance improvements over older round slide carburetors. Air flows faster and smoother through the TM Series venturi due to the flat slide design and the jet blocks which help create smooth bore effect.
The high velocity of the air flow means a stronger vacuum at the needle jet providing more precise metering and better throttle response.


TMX 35/38mm Carburetors

Standard Settings | Dimensions | Parts List | Exploded View

The TMX features a flat slide design in a smooth bore venturi to provide improved throttle response and wider powerband. The float system with independently moving floats, working with a main jet enclosed in a baffle chamber, allows the TMX to perform smoothly without hesitation on the roughest terrain.
TMX Series Carburetors are available in 35mm bore sizes for 125cc race engines, and in 38mm bore sizes for use on 250cc race engines.


TMS 38mm Carburetors

Standard Settings | Dimensions | Parts List | Exploded View

Our new TMS Carburetor reaches new heights in predictable power. By designing a needle jet system (without pilot jet) to control all fuel delivery, we achieve smooth, instant transition from idle to WOT.